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Welcome to the Township's by-law web page where you can view by-laws that may be of interest to you. Click on the files below.


(Caution: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the text of each document which is reproduced on this site, for the convenience to the public. Readers are reminded that the official version of these documents are on file at the municipal office and reference should be made to the official version for any legal purposes.)


Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

Building Permits


Cemetery 2005

Code of Conduct

Committee of Adjustment

Community Centre Hall Rental

Council Proceedings

Curb Stops

Driveway Entrances

Fees and Charges

Fire Department

Fire Hydrants (Controlling Access to Hydrants)

Heavy Truck Traffic


Landfill Site Maintenance

Littering By-law 

No Smoking

No Smoking Amend.

Noise By-law

Off Road Vehicles

Procedures for Notices

Property Standards


Refuse, Litter

Sale of Surplus Lands

Stop Sign - Coal Dock & Sand Bay Road

Stop Sign - Ketchabaw Road

Surplus Equipment Disposal

Tariff of Fees - Planning

Taxation, 2003

Taxation, 2004

Taxation, 2005

Taxation, 2006

Taxation, 2007

Taxation, 2008

Taxation, 2009

Taxation, 2010

Taxation, 2011

Taxation, 2012

Taxation, 2013

Taxation, 2014

Taxation, 2015

Taxation, 2016

Taxation, 2017

Titles for Elected Members of Council (Mayor)

Water Rates 2002

Water Rates 2011

Water Rates 2012

Water Rates 2013

Water Rates 2014

Water Rates 2015

Water Rates 2016

Water Rates 2017

Winter Road Maintenance