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Older & Wiser Fire Safety Tips For Older Adults

1.  Be prepared for fire Plan your escape!

Know exactly what to do and where to go if there is a fire. Plan Your Escape! Make a home escape plan or refer to your building's fire safety plan.

2. Smoke alarms protect everyone Check your smoke alarms!

Have a smoke alarm installed on every level of your home -- especially near sleeping areas. Every month, test the alarms by using a broom handle or cane to gently push the alarm test button. Make sure everyone can hear the smoke alarms from all areas of your home.

3. If you smoke...

Be careful when you smoke! Use large, deep ashtrays and always make sure your cigarette butts are out. Never smoke when you are lying down, if you are drowsy, or in bed.

4. Don't reach for danger! Don't reach for danger!

Wear tight-fitting or rolled-up sleeves when cooking and don't reach over a hot burner. If a pot catches fire, cover it with a lid and turn off the burner. Never leave your cooking unattended.

5. If your clothing catches fire...

Lower yourself to the ground, cover your face with your hands and roll over and over to put out the flames. If you can't do this, grab a towel or blanket and smother the flames. Stop, drop and rolll!

6. Crawl low under Smoke.

Crawl low under smoke Most fire victims die from smoke, not flames. Smoke always rises, so you must get down on the floor where the air is cleaner. Crawl on our hands and knees to safety.

7. Give space heaters space.

Keep them at least 1 metre (3 feet) away from everything -- including you. A slight brush against a heater could set your clothing on fire.

8. Need assistance?

Need assistance? If you would like help to test your smoke alarms or to prepare a fire safety plan, talk to your friends, family or home support worker. There is help available within your community. If you have any questions about fire safety, your fire department will be pleased to assist you.